Cpu Ceramic Processor Scrap with Gold Pins (486 & 386 Cpu Scrap)

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We have very good quality of Ceramics CPU scrap for gold recovery. We have very good quality available in stock now and ready for supply. We give at very good prices and our delivery is very prompt.



Cpu Ceramic Processor Scrap with Gold Pins

We have very good quality high yield Cpu Ceramic Processor Scrap for gold recovery.We offer a wide rage of high yield gold recovery for computer scrap products and below is a list of the cpu scrap types we have.

-Intel 486 & 386 Cpu
-Intel I960 & Motorola Cpu
-Intel Pentium Pro Cpu
-AMD 486 & 586 Cpu
-Gold Top Cpu
-Gold Top & Bottom Cpu
-Intel Pentium 1
-DLP Cpu
-Computer CPU Scrap
-CPU Ceramic Processor Scrap
-Scrap Ceramic CPU
-Scrap Ceramic CPU with Aluminum Cap
-Scrap Black Plastic CPU
-Scrap Plastic CPU’s
-Ceramic Pentium pro
-CPU 486 ceramic

Huge Gold Quantity:
Intel 186 / 286 / 386 / 486 / Pentium / Pentium Pro / i86 / i960
Cyrix 486 / 586 / MIIIBM 486 / 586 / 686
Motorola 68000 / 88000 series
NEC & Toshiba MIPS series: R4000 / R8000 / R10000 / R12000

Gold recovery from Cpu Ceramic Processor Scrap is very easy and profitable business. Ceramic processors have a good ratio of gold. Different processors have different quantity of gold.Some types of ceramic processors are below.

Cpu Ceramic Processor Scrap recycling method is so easy. You can easily recover gold and silver and make money. For these processors, you don’t need to prepare anything like ic chips you will need to remove from electronics boards first.

4 reviews for Cpu Ceramic Processor Scrap with Gold Pins (486 & 386 Cpu Scrap)

  1. Walter Andersson

    I would buy a computer scrap. Pentium Pro 3.86-486 CPU. How much is the price of ton with freight.

  2. Kyle

    I want CPU Scrap to Cameroon

  3. Nancy

    am interested 100 kg cpu- scrap.

  4. Nancy

    Also tell me the price and delivery cost to Douala Cameroon.
    Thank you!

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